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About Remote Labor

Welcome to Remote Labor, where we specialize in finding and hiring the best remote talent across the United States.
Established in 2008 in the city of Miami, Florida, our team has been dedicated to providing top-notch US workforce solutions for over a decade.

At Remote Labor, we have years of experience working with US companies in a variety of industries.

We developed a proprietary method to find and hire the talent US companies need With our expert guidance and extensive network, we make it easy for our clients to save time and money by streamlining the search, hiring, and monitoring of top-tier US remote workers.

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Don’t let geographic barriers hinder your quest to find the ideal employees. We’ll assist you with finding and selecting the best remote workers from the 50 states in the US.


Leave the recruitment to us with our Resource Delivery Methods for screening and attracting qualified candidates. We'll bring you excellent candidates in a minimal amount of time.


Working Remote has been proven to be a key element in retaining talent. Offering this flexibility means employees will stay loyal to your company.

How Remote Labor benefits Workers and Organizations


Save money with geographic flexibility. You can find the best resources in the most affordable cities in the US without compromising quality.


Remote workers can be more productive than their onsite counterparts. They are also more willing to work more with 76% of Remoters open to overtime.


Allowing employees to work from home enables more people to join the workforce. This is a great benefit to workers, companies, and society.

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